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The Cleaning Services Review 2019

As reported last week Instructus Skills are working with Skills Development Scotland to review the National Occupational Standards for Cleaning Services.

This consultation seeks to define the skills that underpin the Cleaning Services job role – and to ensure that this definition is as accurate as possible we need your help.

We’ve designed a short questionnaire that identifies the key skills required in Cleaning Services. If you have any experience either delivering or managing someone in this function we would be hugely grateful if you could spare the time to provide your input.

The survey should take you about 5 minutes to complete.


We also have a similar consultation running on the Social Marketing job function. If this is something that you or a colleague may be able to help with please follow this link to that survey.

The Cleaning Services Review 2019 will run until midnight, 13th September 2019. Thank you in advance for any feedback you can provide before then.

Instructus Skills is a pan-sector body that represents the training needs of over 11 million employees across the UK. From consultations to certification, we ensure that apprenticeships deliver the skilled workers that employers need.

Skills Development Scotland is Scotland’s national skills body. They support development projects that deliver the best outcomes for Scotland’s people, businesses and economy.


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