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Top Apprenticeship Benefits 2019

For a lot of people leaving full-time education, there’s one big question to answer – what do I do next?

This can be tricky when you’re unsure of which path to go down. For some people it’s university, others full time work, or going back to college. However, for those who want to combine work experience with a recognised qualification, there’s only one answer: an apprenticeship.

We love the thought of being able to earn whilst you learn and get the experience you need for your chosen career with an apprenticeship. To help you to understand the top benefits of apprenticeships, we’ve taken a look at some of the Department of Education’s recent surveys to find out how vocational learning works for both learners and employers…


Apprenticeship Benefits 2019 | Instructus Skills

After looking at the statistics for employability, it’s clear that your chances of securing a job once completing an apprenticeship are high. A staggering 90% of apprentices have managed to gain a job after completing their apprenticeship (or instead choosen to go further in their learning).

Wondering whether you’ll be kept on once you’ve completed your apprenticeship is normal and can also be worrying. Fortunately, 88% of learners report that following their apprenticeships they are now in a permanent job.

Source: Further Education Outcome-Based Success Measures 2015 to 2016

Further Education

Further Education Statistics for Apprentices | Instructus Skills

Do you want to train at a higher level now that you’ve completed your apprenticeship? 80% of learners advised that they felt they had a better chance at starting a higher-level qualification than before their apprenticeship.

Source: Learners and Apprentices Survey 2018


Earnings Benefit of Apprenticeships | Instructus Skills

Earnings are a big drive for any job and it’s no different for apprenticeships. We found that 71% of learners in a survey felt that their chances of earning more in the future had increased compared to before starting their apprenticeship.

Source: Learners and Apprentices Survey 2018

Apprenticeship Benefits for Employers

Apprenticeship Benefits for Employers | Instructus Skills

Are you unsure as an employer what benefits running an apprenticeship could bring to you?

In a recent survey, 78% of employers stated that hiring an apprentice improved the productivity of the business. Meanwhile, 74% stated that an apprentice enhanced the quality of the products and services they provide. Still unsure whether to hire an apprentice? Take it from other employers: 83% stated that they would recommend apprenticeships to other businesses.

Source: Apprenticeships Evaluation 2017: Learners


If you’re unsure of what path to take you could do much worse than an apprenticeship. You can experience what working life is like but also learn to gain a better knowledge of your chosen career path. It’s the best of both worlds!

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