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Training Providers Recommend Instructus Skills

The results are in, and it’s safe to say that Instructus Skills is a recommended apprenticeship authority.

In August we reached out to Training Providers across the UK to ask a simple yes or no question. If the provider had used our services before, either as Instructus Skills or in our previous guise of Skills CFA, would they recommend us?

The results have been a stirring endorsement of our position. From 92 responses, 89 Training Providers, or 96.7% of respondents, have stated that they would recommend our services.

“Very Professional Service”

Building a positive relationship with Training Providers is one of our key aims. As such, we were grateful to receive more specific testimonials from a few of our colleagues.

“I would like to say a big thank you to Instructus”, said Trish Kilgour, Programme Administrator at BPP Professional Apprentices. “When adding new learners to MA online or Completers they are always quick to complete the registration or approval of certificates. If I have had any queries and have emailed them I always get a quick response.”

Raine Lawrie-West, Work Based Learning Administrator at Sussex Coast College in Hastings had a similar account. “Very professional service, with quick and helpful response to queries.”

“We look forward to continue working with Instructus Skills!”

Moving Forward

We ensure that further education continues to meet the high standards that employers have come to expect. The response has given us a view of our current performance, but more importantly, also opened a two-way conversation with Training Providers.

To ensure that apprenticeships work it’s vital that we talk to both Employers and Training Providers. Whatever your role in the process, register with us to contribute to the future of education in your sector.

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