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What is End Point Assessment Gateway?

The introduction of End Point Assessment has brought many changes to the apprenticeship process. One new part of the learner journey is the Gateway process – and it’s something that a lot of employers have questions about.

This guide will outline what End Point Assessment Gateway is, how it works, and what you can do to help your learner to prepare.

Apprenticeship Gateway Explained

Gateway is often referred to as something that your learner “passes”. While this is correct, it is also a little misleading. Because of this, many employers have asked us if this means that Gateway is an exam, or part of the End Point Assessment process in its own right.

The answer to both of those questions is no. Instead, think of Gateway more as a checklist.

End Point Assessment Gateway is your learner’s opportunity to present the work that best represents their ability. With correct preparation, this work will match the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours (KSBs) that the End Point Assessor needs to see.

Your training provider should outline the Gateway requirements to you at the start of the apprenticeship. As your learner generates evidence over the course of their training, Gateway becomes a clear outcome.

With knowledge of the KSBs and a little planning, apprenticeship Gateway should not be a cause for concern.

How Do I Know My Apprentice is Ready for Gateway?

There are three parties involved in the Gateway process:

    • Employer: By liaising with your learner and the training provider, you should have a clear idea of how your learner is progressing. You will also have a view on how their work could apply to the KSBs of the Standard.
    • Training Provider: Your point of reference on all things relating to your learner’s apprenticeship. Your training provider should advise you on your learner’s progress.
    • End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO): An independent organisation that assesses and grades your learner via the End Point Assessment process.

To get to Gateway, you, your learner and your training provider must all agree that the learner is ready for assessment. Once this agreement is in place, your training provider will contact your EPAO to start the Gateway process.

What Happens at Gateway?

The documentation your learner has to submit at Gateway differs by apprenticeship Standard.

Your training provider or EPAO should tell you what your learner needs to produce in advance. This means you can help your learner to prepare from the very start of their training.

With Instructus Skills as your EPAO, the Gateway process proceeds as follows:

    1. Your training provider submits the learner’s information, portfolio of evidence and supporting documentation to the Apprentice LMS system.
    2. Our Operations Team reviews the submitted evidence to ensure everything is present and correct.
    3. The case is then passed to the End Point Assessor, who checks the evidence to ensure it matches the criteria for Gateway.
    4. The End Point Assessor’s findings are then checked by an Internal Quality Assessor.

If your learner does not pass Gateway at first, it may be due to missing or conflicting documentation. However, it may also be that the End Point Assessor has reviewed your learner’s Portfolio of Evidence and found it insufficient for End Point Assessment.

In either case, as your EPAO we would contact you to explain why your learner has not passed Gateway and to guide you on what you need to do next.

Once your learner’s evidence and documentation is in place and the End Point Assessor is happy with the standard of work, we will notify you that your learner has passed Gateway.

What Happens After Gateway?

Once your learner has passed Gateway, your EPAO will liaise with you to schedule their End Point Assessment.

Instructus Skills are the UK’s largest apprenticeship certification body and a specialist End Point Assessment Organisation. View our range of apprenticeships here.

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