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What is Remote Assessment?

If you run apprenticeships in your organisation you may already be familiar with the problems of on-site assessment. The time and space needed for on-site assessment carries an operational cost, which multiplies with repeat visits. If circumstances outside of your control force you to make a short-notice cancellation, you may face even greater costs.

And this is all before you consider the risk of allowing assessors on-site in our new world of COVID-19.

Remote Assessment is a flexible, affordable method of End Point Assessment (EPA) that avoids many of these issues. As the name suggests, it’s a process by which your learners are assessed entirely online.

What are the Benefits of Remote Assessment?

    • Flexible: Your assessor can give you more time and more options when it comes to scheduling.
    • Affordable: Remote Assessment reduces operational costs – and we pass the savings on to you.
    • Risk-Free: On-site visitors always present a potential operational risk. With no on-site visits, Remote Assessment guarantees minimal disruption to your business.

End Point Assessment Modules

Remote Assessment follows the same modules and grading criteria as face-to-face EPA.

Once your learner passes Gateway, the End Point Assessor sets up a call with the learner, employer, and training provider. This is the Planning Meeting. On this call the assessor will outline the stages of EPA, answer any questions, and set initial dates.

Each apprenticeship uses different assessment modules, yet many of them start with the Knowledge Test. Your learner has to pass this before they can continue their EPA.

If you use Instructus Skills for EPA your learner will take the Knowledge Test using the Apprentice LMS online learner portal. This ESFA-compliant format allows your learner to take the test from the comfort of their workspace.

When your learner passes their Knowledge Test, the assessor will schedule the next modules via the Apprentice LMS portal.

How Remote Assessment Works

We use a combination of our Apprentice LMS portal and secure online communication to run your learner’s assessment. This approach covers the entire assessment process, from planning to presentations. Whichever assessment you opt for, we guarantee that our team of in-house assessors will provide the service you expect.

Professional discussions, presentations and Q&A sessions are all conducted via video call. We host video calls on secure platforms. Invigilation duties for these modules are shared between the EPAO and the employer.

The learner can submit their portfolios (or any other work for review) ahead of time via the LMS portal. This gives the assessor time to review and assess accordingly.

At present we offer Remote Assessment for the following Standards:

Remote Assessment with Instructus Skills is Education & Skills Funding Agency approved.

Instructus Skills is the UK’s largest apprenticeship certification body and a specialist End Point Assessment Organisation. View our range of apprenticeships here.

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