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What is Remote Assessment?

If you already run apprenticeships in your organisation, you may be familiar with some of the problems of on-site assessment.

Providing time and space for assessment carries an operational cost. This cost – and the risk to your business – only increases when you’re facilitating recurring visitor appointments. And that’s before you consider the financial implications of a short notice cancellation.

Remote Assessment is a flexible, affordable method of End Point Assessment that avoids many of these issues.

How Remote Assessment Works

At Instructus Skills, we use a combination of our exclusive learner portal and secure communication channels to bring your learner’s assessment completely online.

From planning to presentations, we can cover the entire assessment. Furthermore, assessments are still conducted by our professional in-house assessors. This helps to ensure you receive the quality service that you expect.

At present we offer Remote Assessment for the following Standards:

Remote Assessment is Education & Skills Funding Agency approved.

End Point Assessment Modules

Once your learner passes Gateway, the End Point Assessor sets up a call with the learner, their employer and the training provider. This is the Planning Meeting.

On this call, the assessor will outline the stages of End Point Assessment. They can answer any questions, set dates for the key points of assessment and cover off all the finer details.

If you have a cohort of several learners, each learner will need their own, individual Planning Meeting. We can run these meetings in whatever way works best for your business.

While each Standard uses a different form of assessment, they all start with the Knowledge Test.

No matter what service you use, your learner takes this using their online learner portal. Once they have passed the Knowledge Test, their End Point Assessment will continue as planned.

All is not lost if your learner fails their Knowledge Test. Talk to us in the first instance to discuss your options.

The assessor will review your learner’s portfolio (submitted via the learner portal) ahead of the first scheduled remote assessment module. The learner and assessor will then meet online using a secure platform to work through the remaining assessment modules.

Whether it’s a Professional Discussion or a Project Presentation, we can run it online.

After the final assessment is complete, it’s simply a case of waiting 15 working days for the confirmation of your learner’s grade.

What are the Benefits of Remote Assessment?

    • Flexible: Your assessor can give you more time and more options when it comes to scheduling.
    • Affordable: Remote Assessment reduces operational costs – and we pass the savings on to you.
    • Risk-Free: Allowing visitors on-site always presents an operational risk, no matter how small. With no on-site visits, we can guarantee minimal disruption to your business.

To find out more about making Remote Assessment work for you, contact us today.

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