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Great End Point Assessment Starts Here

When you’re developing a great End Point Assessment (EPA) service it can be easy to get lost in the detail.

Our development teams have focused on their own areas of expertise, infusing our service with skill and experience. Even so, we’ve kept in touch to ensure that everything’s heading in the same direction. Whether it’s our service, marketing, clients or operations, we’ve worked hard to make it seamless.

Yet it’s still essential to take a step back every now and then to observe the wider picture. That’s exactly what we did this week, as we took a day out from “the grind” to introduce our end-to-end service to the wider team and set out our position as a reliable, flexible, customer-focused End Point Assessment Organisation.

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A Service Built on Principles

The day consisted of a series of talks from the key players in our EPA delivery, along with exercises and Q&As focused on building understanding. COO Damian Brown kicked off proceedings with a company update before handing over to Product Development Manager, Johan Thomsen.

Johan’s session was a great End Point Assessment 101, covering the move from frameworks to standards in a brief yet engaging way. He then outlined how reliability, adaptation and excellence was built into the core of our service, and how this differentiated us from many other EPAOs on the market.

The differentiation of our service was a great point to introduce our Digital Marketing Executive, Joe Burden. With a focus on the needs of Employers and a clear vision of what sets us apart from competitors, it clearly established the promise of our position.

Excellence in Operation

After lunch we were back into it with a session from Shereen Richardson, EPA Sales Executive. Shereen took us through the core tenets of relationship management and conducted an activity on how the wider team can offer a mutually beneficial response to new enquiries. It was a key session for the entire team and again emphasised our customer focus.

Operations Team Leader Fran Cardew followed up with a focus on our operational delivery. By covering the day-to-day processes and running through how we work with Employers, Training Providers and Assessors, it provided clear insight into how EPA works at scale.

To round out the day the four presenters took questions from the floor. It was a great opportunity to expand on the topics that had come up over the course of the day.

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A Genuine Understanding of Great EPA

End Point Assessment is now a core part of the Apprenticeship experience, and Employers and Training Providers across England need to be able to trust their EPAO. It’s our aim to earn this trust by providing a reliable, excellent service underpinned by genuine understanding.

By sharing this vision with the wider organisation, we’ve created a fired-up team that’s ready to deliver great EPA. Contact us to find out how.

If your business needs an End Point Assessment Organisation that delivers, contact us today. Call 01536 738 631 or email epa@instructus.org to find out more.

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